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Written by reference librarians on a variety of legal topics, highlighting the best resources for research in both electronic and paper formats.

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Research Guides Near Eastern Studies Essential Resources Search this Guide Search.Scholars and librarians have collated some of the best resources for literary research and we have the.

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A selection of major sources of biographical information purchased or licensed by the Cornell University Library.This Business Research Guide is the gateway to the collection of topical guides to information and research resources in business and management studies.Use the general research guide if your research spans multiple disciplines.If you open the Research Guide PDF with the Microsoft Reader app (Windows 8), then click on a publication reference, the screen will split in two, with the Research.

Click on the TABS to access each section in this guide.Research resources and help guides created by experts from the University of Michigan Library (Ann Arbor).This guide describes resources and strategies useful for researching public opinion.Research assistance, course guides, subject guides, and useful resources compiled by UCLA librarians.Before conducting interviews, you need an interview guide that you can use to help you direct the conversation toward the topics and issues you want to.JournalGuide is a free tool created by a group of software developers, former researchers, and scholarly publishing veterans at Research Square.To see a side-by-side comparison of the three most widely used citation styles.

These guides may be used for educational purposes, as long as proper credit is given.We offer qualitative and quantitative research methods that have been.

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Where job-seekers will find all the best research tools and resources for conducting all types of critical career and job-search research — including researching.

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Main Content History of Witchcraft - Research Guide This guide is intended for the student interested in the history of Witchcraft, not the modern practice of it.The Diamond Law Library is a great place to find the text of treaties.

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The growth of international trade has generated a complex and ever-expanding body of primary law, including treaties and international agreements, national.Library catalog outage on Thursday, August 18th This Thursday, August 18th, the Georgetown Law Library catalog (GULLiver) will undergo maintenance beginning at approximately 11:00 am and lasting up to 8 hours (until 7:00 pm).

Keyword Research is the process of uncovering keyword opportunities for your brand to rank higher in search engines.

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This research guide by the Law Library of Congress provides information and resources relating to customary law in Africa.

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This research guide focuses on the multilateral trading system administered by the World Trade Organization and on the major regional trade agreements to which the U.S. is a party.The basics of online genealogy research for beginners and beyond.Requests to republish or adapt a guide should be directed to the.

View this page in a format suitable for printers and screen-readers or mobile devices.To learn how to craft successively more powerful devices, the player must collect research.