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Getting the right people in your organization to learn those lessons and then commit to acting on them is a challenge.It shocks the CEOs themselves, most of whom have little insight into the causes of the customer exodus, let alone the cures, because they do not measure customer defections, make little effort to prevent them, and fail to use defections as a guide to improvements.

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But like State Farm, Lexus has found it useful to let dealers know exactly how much their improved retention of customers is worth to them in dollars.There is an attendance problem in the maintenance department.

In depending so heavily on broad-based satisfaction surveys, companies are letting too many defectors slip through the cracks.Customer defection would be inevitable in any company that loses the trust of its customers.The answers to these three questions will produce a list of your most obvious core customers.For example, more than half of the respondents listed price or interest rate as the primary cause of defection.They positively impact the profitability of your organization.

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Conversely, no company can be all things to all people: Customers who are worth more to a competitor will eventually defect.The tricky part comes in figuring out exactly who should be targeted.Before making the calls, the group must determine which defectors are worth calling.

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As tools for measuring the value a company delivers to its customers, satisfaction surveys are imperfect.When branch managers were asked to look at individual names and suggest root causes, they asserted confidently that most had left to get better rates or products, or because backroom processing had made errors in their accounts—all reasons conveniently beyond the control of a branch manager.In business after business, 60 % to 80 % of lost customers reported on a survey just prior to defecting that they were satisfied or very satisfied.

Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School.At the time of his defection, he felt a strong need to get out of Cuba, and accomplished just that.The lifeblood of adaptive change is employee learning, and the most useful and instructive learning grows from the recognition and analysis of failure.A few customers had gone out of business, but in automated microbiology as in many other industrial businesses, total defections are relatively rare.The bank also discovered that the efficiency of learning depended on incentives.

One secret to this process is to have the right people take part.This small mark has two primary uses: to signify possession or omitted letters.

For online only businesses, these numbers will skew even higher.The most practical way to get started is by answering three overlapping questions.This is about action items to prevent customer defection, and those action items must always begin at the senior leadership level.

A third drawback is that surveys ignore critical distinctions among customer segments.In fact, defining core customers can be one of the most critical strategic processes a CEO ever sets in motion.Third, which of your customers are worth more to you than to your competitors.Understanding weaknesses in customer value is much more difficult than understanding why a part was stamped out of tolerance in a plant.

But since they have to track purchase patterns to determine customer profitability, why not simply use this information as their satisfaction index.Some skeptical branch managers insisted on listening to the interview tapes themselves.Customer defection...Second, which customers place the greatest value on what you offer.Among the most profitable defecting customers, 25 % named incidental fees as a critical root cause.Once companies have purchased equipment, they continue to buy consumables and service for many years.These situations call for something resembling defection archeology—uncovering and analyzing several layers of historical and current data.Although some executives do realize that profits are really a downstream benefit of delivering superior value to customers—and that customer loyalty is therefore the best indicator of strategic success or failure—they lack the tools they need to focus their organizational learning on this most basic building block of profitable growth.The danger is that on the basis of inadequate information, the company will mistakenly identify potentially valuable customers as dispensable, ignore the lessons they have to teach, and make no effort to retain them.

Drilling Down - Turning Customer Data into Profits with a Spreadsheet.Mass marketers such as banks and insurance companies often believe they must serve and satisfy all customers equally, and they therefore give equal attention to finding the root causes of all defections.His wife will now rage with jealousy over a defection she has done her best to cause.Senior managers were impressed but then grew frustrated when defection rates did not come down fast or far enough.Unfortunately, identifying core customers is not always as easy as it looks, especially in industries where the competitive landscape is changing.

In most cases, a series of events leads slowly to a decision to seek better value elsewhere.Take your current active customers (some kind of a transaction this.Or was it just that customers never talked to the same person twice and had to repeat their story again and again.In addition to their preoccupation with success, there is another reason companies make so little use of failure analysis.Go ahead and spend what it takes to talk with a true representative sample of your target defectors.Most automakers have chosen this approach, but they still see 90 % of their customers claiming to be satisfied and 40 % coming back to buy again.

But most managers fail to address that fact head-on by striving to learn why those defectors left. But a.To assess the root cause of a defection, the interviewer must typically identify three or four disappointing events and weigh them appropriately.

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